Monday, August 22, 2016

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

Karen, John, and Shaban have gone to Musoma.  They were late getting started because a rat had crawled into the engine area and died and the whole car stank like . . . well, like a rat had died in it.  Karen is off to get a chest X-Ray as the local hospital doesn’t have a good machine or radiologist but Musoma has both good equipment and radiologists.  She may have pleurisy or not, but we need to know.  John has a lot of rural solar work to do as he coordinates the programming of the units out in the field and there are lots of them now.  Shaban is cashing a check for me (someone had to stay home with Sissie) and paying the National Social Security Foundation for all our workers.  We also have to pay for our satellite television once a month, and we sure got our money’s worth with the Olympics in Rio.  There were so many wonderful stories there of sacrifice, of dreams coming true, of people who didn’t expect to be there, of true sportsmanship—I’m thinking of the American woman runner who went back to help a fallen competitor, and of incredible spectacle.  Hats off to Rio de Janeiro for a wonderful Olympics in spite of so very many obstacles.  The only really black mark came from some drunken American male swimmers but hopefully, their antics will be forgotten amidst all the wonderful things that happened there.  I think it’s great that every four years we get to participate vicariously in such a globally unifying event.  You wouldn’t think a global competition would bring unity, but this one really has.  I am proud of all the athletes who congratulated and helped each other and showed us in the rest of the world how things could be—if we would just let them and abandon our hate, fear, and cowardice.  What I will remember will be the winners hugging the losers and seeing the underdogs coming in first from time to time.  Gives one hope.

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