Monday, July 25, 2016

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s been five months since I’ve been outside the house, but I got out today.  Wish it had been for a better reason, but out is out.  A crown fell off Saturday night, so Shaban drove me to Musoma this morning to see the dentist.  I really like Vincent, the dentist, and he does a really good job with substandard equipment and no anesthesia for me.  He glued the crown back in and filled a cavity on the other side.  Total cost to me, $25.  Not bad, eh?  I even had Shaban stop at the store so I could buy some bacon (if they had any) and some cheese.  They had the bacon but didn’t have the cheese, so I bought some dark chocolate candy bars for Karen (she likes it when I do things like that).  Some country gave Tanzania thousands of radar guns and now the quick trip to Musoma takes over an hour.  It used to take that long because of the bad road, but they fixed the road and have to slow people down—and they are doing a bang up job of that.  Most of the time, you can only drive at 30mph, so fewer accidents, fewer people killed, more money for the police, and slower trips for the rest of us but where have we got to go in a hurry?  There is a saying here, “Haraka, haraka, hiena baraka” or if you go fast, fast you lose all your blessings.  By golly, I got back with all my blessing intact.  
     Shaban leaves tomorrow for a six-day trip to Dar Es Salaam to pick up John’s and my labor permits which are finally ready.  It’s a two-day bus ride each way and then two days there to get everything done.  When he gets back, he will go to Regional Immigration in Musoma, and John and I will get our residence permits and our passports stamped.  Happily this only occurs every two years, and the labor permits are a one-time thing.   John leaves next Saturday for a week in Dar Es Salaam working to get free computers in the schools here.  Proud of that boy. 
     Did I mention I got out today?  Oh, and another good thing.  When I went to put on long pants for my trip to Musoma, the ones I had were way too big.  I had to dig in my closet for some old jeans that would stay up.  Same with my safari shirts, all way too big.  I was under the impression I had gained all my weight back, but I was wrong.  I’m not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, but I am at least 60 pounds less than I was when I went to Nairobi in the air ambulance.  I’m counting that as a blessing not to lose by speeding.  
     I got to watch the Formula One race in Hungary yesterday, live, and with my son, Chris on the phone with me from New York.  We watched the whole race together and all for free thanks to Google Hangouts.  It was like having a real visit and I got to talk to Brenda (his wife) a little, too.  Technology just blows me away.  And we did all this stuff with no wires anywhere.  Remember the kitchen phone with the 90 foot cord so that you could walk around the house while talking?  Still, it had a cord that could get wrapped around small children, pets, and furniture.  I like this wireless world we live in.  Today I am mostly spending the day thanking God for being able to be alive, to walk again, to get my teeth fixed, to buy bacon (especially that one), and to spend time with my far-flung family.  God is always good, I just don’t always see it.  Does that happen to you?

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