Friday, July 29, 2016

“We love the things we love for what they are.” ― Robert Frost

I wrote this seven years ago and ran across it searching for something else.  It may not be great poetry, but it does say a lot about why we are here and why we stay.  Judge it not by the standards of poets known and loved, but by the love with which it was written and by the love it expresses.  I’d say I was sorry for being so blatantly selfish in posting something just for Karen, but I’m not sorry at all.  I love her.  I hope you can tell.

                                A Poem for Karen
                On the Occasion of our 44th Anniversary

Our journey together is not yet over, but so far past begun.
Still brightly, hotly lit by a tropical African sun.
Living life so haply joined lo many, many years ago.
Travelin' through twined worlds of joy and pain and woe,
Hand in hand we turn our hearts to other's living needs.
Limping, hurting we offer these our simple, heartfelt deeds
Of teaching, love, and hope for life beyond the touch
Of sickness, AIDS, and death's embrace--if it is such.
There is no other with whom I'd rather share—
We make a rather comic/comely pair,
If you see yourself through eyes of mine,
And I see me through eyes of thine.

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