Wednesday, July 13, 2016

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.” — Lewis Carroll

You can file this under “unexplainable” or “what a coincidence” or “omg” or, as I see it, God sending a thank-you note.  Karen has been wanting to have some little stamp thingies for her teachers to use to note good work on the students’ papers.  Anyplace in the U.S., she could just go to many different stores and buy what she wanted—but not here.  Here, she has been saving Coke Zero lids and is planning on putting sponges inside and using a glue gun to make designs that could then be stamped on paper.  She doesn’t have any models to go by, she is just making this up as she goes along, but I’ve been dutifully saving my bottle caps for her.  Then, we got a package as a surprise two days ago.  Sometimes, we know when a package is coming and sometimes we are just surprised.  This was a surprise.  A man on my internet watch forum had sent me a racing watch as we are both fans of Formula One.  I have never met this man, never spoken with him, don’t even know what he looks like and if he hadn’t signed a note in the package, I wouldn’t even know his name.  The real surprise wasn’t that he sent me a watch without telling me first, others have done that, the surprise was that he included in the package about sixty little pre-inked stamps of the kind Karen was trying to make from scratch.  Karen was pretty excited to find out that an unknown stranger had sent her exactly what she wanted and needed for the orphans we feed and teach here.  Some would say that this was a real coincidence, but not me.  I believe that if you are doing what pleases God that God sends thank-you notes in many different varieties, and I am sure that this is what that was—a thank-you note from God.  Karen is off in Musoma today to see the dentist, but she took a little stamp with her to see if she can find a source of colored inks to re-ink the stamps when they dry out.  My money is on her to find what she needs.  To my eyes, it seems God wants her to use these little stamps for some reason.  One thing I have learned in my over fifty years of living with Karen is that if she really wants a thing to help others—she will get it, so it’s not good to bet against her.  My heartfelt thanks to my watch friend in the Netherlands and Karen’s thanks as well for helping God send Karen a thank-you note.  Since I got five new watches and about fifty new watch straps to mix and match with the watches I have and with the new ones, I’m claiming a thank-you note from God as well.  One package came from the Netherlands and the other from Southern California from men we have never met, yet I truly believe that God works through such souls.  I also found out that both men had also sent money to help with my medical bills when I was in hospital six months ago.  Again, to my way of thinking, that is just reinforcing my belief that God sends thank-you notes and encouragement in many ways to those who are answering God’s call in their lives.  You can try, but you will never convince me otherwise.
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