Wednesday, June 29, 2016

“There are no 'if's' in God's world. And no places that are safer than other places. The center of His will is our only safety - let us pray that we may always know it!” ― Corrie ten Boom

John has been doing some work for a luxury hotel owner in Dar Es Salaam.  He has been showing him how to use the very small and cheap Rasberry-Pi computers to replace a lot of expensive and large computers.  The money the guy pays John goes to finance John's rural, solar projects, so everybody wins.  When John first met the man, his wife, and his son, the wife and son recognized John’s voice from podcasts that John has been doing about a video game, MineCraft.  Twas a match made in heaven.  The owner really likes John and has been super impressed by what John has done, so every six weeks, the hotel owner flies John to Dar Es Salaam and puts him up in a suite and pays for all his food and other expenses for a week.  John has so impressed him with his knowledge of small computers, especially the Odroid (tiny, powerful, and inexpensive) which is manufactured in South Korea.  John will be flying down to Dar Es Salaam this Saturday and will be there for about a week.  On his itinerary is a meeting with the ambassador of South Korea because the hotel owner wants to become the sole distributor of Odroids for all of Africa.  The hotel owner is really excited about what John can do with an Odroid and is getting him involved with the project.  The hotel owner knows that John’s heart is in helping the people of Tanzania, so he has sweetened the pot for John to participate.  If the owner becomes the supplier of Odroids for Africa, he is going to donate and help install over 500 of the computers for rural schools (the Odroid can be run off of a solar panel) in Tanzania.  If things work out the way it is hoped, John may be making a trip to South Korea before the year is out.  In addition, John is also working with Rasberry-Pi applications both for the hotel owner and for schools.  The Rasberry-Pi is from England, so there may also be a trip to London for John in the coming year.  We came here to help teach and educate, but we were doing it on a small scale.  John is in the middle of maybe making huge changes to all of education in Tanzania.  Once, when John was in college, we got to talking about important people in the field of computers like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  I distinctly remember John saying that he didn’t want to be important, but he did want to be significant and then explained the difference.  I was proud then, so you can imagine how proud I am now.  None of this may come to pass, but John is letting the Holy Spirit guide him, and it has worked very well for him so far.  If this is something that God wants, nothing can stand in its way.  All I know is that John is willing to do whatever he can to get computers and solar power in rural schools.  No one would have thought that it would be happening the way it is, but God does work in mysterious ways.  We just need to be open and willing to let Him work.  We are very proud of John and what he has done and is doing.  If he isn’t significant yet, he is well on his way.  Well done, son.

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