Monday, June 13, 2016

“The bad news is that yesterday was bad and good. The good news is that yesterday is gone. Today's a new day. We can make it what we will and look for the good.” ― Steve Maraboli

Good news and bad news.  Good news is that my man, Lewis Hamilton, won the Grand Prix du Canada yesterday in a very exciting race.  It came on late at night here, and it took a lot of coffee for me to stay up, but it was well worth it.  We also got a package in the mail from my daughter-in-law, Brenda, on Friday, full of good stuff, but some of the stuff we were expecting wasn’t there.  There were several things for John which kept him busy all weekend making electronic and computer things.  There was a great shirt for Karen which will be in photograph later in the week.  I got some watches that were gifts from friends in the U.S. and in Germany, so I was excited and happy, too.  Then, we got another package today, also from Brenda, that had all the stuff we thought was missing from the one on Friday.  I got some watch bands, some underwear (hard to buy here for someone my size), and a new, bigger ankle brace that I am wearing right now, and it is making a difference.  Also got some compression socks for me for my foot problems and some diabetic socks for Karen which well help her feet.  There was also a robot chassis for a Lego robot car that John is working on as I write this.  We do so love getting packages.  That’s the good news.
     The very bad news is that Rachel’s niece, not yet a year old, died of malaria yesterday.  She came by to tell us in tears, and soon, we were all crying.  I can’t believe that some people think malaria has been conquered.  They should have to attend the funeral (picture at the right) of every baby that dies just here in Bunda.  It would snap them right out of their “we won” euphoria since malaria is still killing here every day.  More babies will die today in Tanzania than the number of people killed at that nightclub in the U.S., but no one will notice.  I think that is very sad.  Naturally, Rachel will be gone for four days, and Edina is helping out, but she doesn’t cook, so John will be doing double duty for a while.  Karen and I are old and crippled (well, sort of) and are rubbish at manual labor to help clean and make beds and stuff.  Edina can do that for us.  The other not so bad news but still not good news is that our water tank will have to be replaced as it is leaking from many holes.  It’s a 3,000 liter tank designed to last five years, but we made it last eleven, so I guess it’s about time for a new one.  It’s thirty feet off the ground which makes for a tricky replacement, but Shaban put up the first one and sees no problem getting the new one in place—once we locate a good one at a good price.  The other good news is that after being without bacon for two weeks, we have bacon again.  We can only get frozen bacon from one store in Musoma if they have it (and they don’t always have it, sigh).  Same with butter, sliced cheese, dill pickles, and other good stuff.  Mostly good news except for the death of another baby that was close to us.  Keep praying that good people will keep working on ending malaria.  Wouldn’t hurt to add a couple of prayers for Karen’s shoulders and my ankle because prayer works.

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