Sunday, May 15, 2016

“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.” ― C.S. Lewis

Perhaps the hardest, most difficult, and biggest stumbling block to becoming an authentic Christian is accepting the total and absolute forgiveness that Christ offers.  As C.S. Lewis says in the quote about, “God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.”  We so often think that our sins are so dark, so bad, so impossible to forgive, that we never even ask forgiveness for them, and we certainly never forgive ourselves.  There was a line in a movie whose title I’ve long forgotten where one woman says to another, “What do you do when you have done the unforgivable?”  The other woman says, very simply and truly, “You forgive yourself and go on.  There is nothing else you can do.”  Well, I think there is something else you can do—you can ask Christ for His forgiveness and when that happens, the world changes.  It did for me.  There is nothing you can do that is unforgivable except not to forgive others.  Look at the picture on the right.  The man Christ is holding is holding the hammer and nail that he used to crucify Christ, yet Christ has embraced him.  We still crucify Christ in our daily lives, in our shouted words, in our hate, in closing off our hearts to compassion and caring, but Christ will forgive us all of this if we but ask.  The only thing we need to remember is that when Christ forgives us, He tells us to, “Go and sin no more.”  He says this knowing we will stumble again and that He will be there to pick us up and hold us till we can stand alone again.  You want to be free?  You want to truly live?  Ask for forgiveness and accept it.  Ask as many times as you need to ask, but always ask and it will be given.  And if Christ can forgive the unforgivable in you, surely you can forgive those who have hurt you as well.  This may be the most important blog I’ve ever written if just one person who believes that his or her sins can never be forgiven, asks for forgiveness and becomes that man in the picture.
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