Tuesday, May 17, 2016

“Experience taught me that the most precious memories never fade with the passage of time.” ― Nicholas Sparks

Recently, my youngest son took a day off of work to surprise his daughter as he volunteered to be a chaperon for a field trip without telling her.  She didn’t know until she got on the bus and saw him that her daddy would be with her that day.  You can see by the smiles on both their faces (picture at the right) that it was a good day for them both.  It takes so little of our time to make memories that will last a lifetime.  My own father didn’t finish high school and worked very hard to provide for us, so we seldom saw him.  To get to spend time with him was a special treat with  more than one of us wanting to be with him.  When I was seven years old and in first grade in Dallas, I had to walk past a movie theater on my way to and from school, and I would always look at the posters to see what was playing.  I was a big fan of Abbott and Costello and more than once I would see a film of theirs playing but never got to see it.  It didn’t cost much, just nine cents, but still it was a treat beyond my little means.  Then one day, out of the blue, I was walking home after school and saw my father waiting for me at the movie theater.  I was just excited to see him but when he said, “Hey kid, let’s watch Abbott and Costello,” I was in heaven.  He had taken a half-day off work and took me to the movies including popcorn and a soda.  We walked home together after the movie holding hands and my little feet hardly touched the pavement.  To this day, almost 63 years later, it is still one of my fondest memories of my father.  He made me feel so important and loved that day.  Decades later, I was at a spiritual retreat doing a guided meditation and the leader asked us to go to a happy place.  I went to that movie theater with my father standing in front of it, wearing his fedora (it was 1951) and holding his suit coat over his shoulder.  If I could capture that feeling and put in a pill, I would be a billionaire.  The thing is that every one of you can make someone else feel that way.  You just make a little time, make a little effort, and do something you wouldn’t usually do, and whoever is the recipient of your gift of time and making them feel special will never forget it.  And that’s the truth.  You have the power to make a memory that will last as long as the other person lives.  That’s pretty special and it costs you so little.  Think about what you could do for someone you love like that and it will change your world, too.  Those moments are priceless and you have them to give—so give them.

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