Thursday, May 26, 2016

“Don’t be unwilling to take little steps; in those little steps live great journeys yet to be.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

I discovered today that I can walk pushing my wheelchair instead of sitting in it and can get places twice as fast. John cracked up the first time he saw me and asked what happened to the cripple in the chair.  It gives me support while letting me walk (always with my ankle brace) and get around faster.  It’s a little thing, but it’s a good thing.  I was sitting on the edge of my bed the other day feeling pretty down about things and heard through the open window the children singing, “Jambo!  Jambo Bwana!” all the way through in three languages, and it lifted my head and my heart.  Another little thing that was pretty big.  John made chili yesterday and that always makes me happy because he makes tons of it, and it means several great meals.  The little thing that went with it was that Karen, in spite of her pain, made gluten-free cornbread to go with the chili.  I crumble the cornbread in the bottom of the bowl, pour the chili over it and top the chili with a fried egg--a real meal.  Now that was a little thing that was just huge—if you ever tasted her cornbread anyway.  With real butter on it, it’s a like a dessert.  Then she made a huge dish of cucumber, tomato, onion, and olive oil salad with cream cheese she made herself.  Just a little thing she said, but oh so delicious.  It reminded me of a similar salad I ate after climbing halfway up the Acropolis in Athens on a hot day.  There was a little cafe perched on the edge of the hill that only served  Greek salads, and the one I ate was one of the best I have ever had—very similar to Karen’s except it had feta cheese instead of cream cheese.  Still, it brought back wonderful memories while tasting terrific at the same time.  Yesterday morning, I was doing a lot of busy work with reports and returning emails when John showed up at the door of my office with five slices of hot, freshly cooked bacon.  He has never done that before, but if he never does it again, that one time was a big hit with me.  Talk about brightening a day that was just starting—for me bacon does that, well, to be truthful, anytime of the day bacon will do that for me.  We can’t always get bacon, so to have it in abundance even one day is a big, big deal.  Little things mean a lot as the old song goes.  I’ll learn later today about the court case, but God has sent me so many little gifts to remind me of His love that I have no fear of the ruling.  We have also discovered a little internet service that is cheap, easy, fast, and never goes down—at least not so far.  If I was to start making a pile of all the little things that have brought me joy, relief, pleasant moments, and that tasted good—it would be a pile higher than my house.  You know, I don’t think this just happens to me—I think you know it happens to you, too.  Start looking for the little blessings in your life today, it will change your attitude and maybe the direction your life is taking.  Couldn’t hurt.  Just sayin’.
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