Wednesday, May 25, 2016

“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.” ― Mary Anne Radmacher

Things are looking much brighter today.  For starters, I walked unaided from the bedroom to the living room (about fifty feet) and back twice.  Had to go back to the wheelchair in the evening, but it was because I had tired myself out from all the unaided walking I had been doing—like getting out of my chair in the living room and going to get me a glass of water without asking for anyone’s help.  Then Shaban sent us a message that he had found an attorney that could get all our labor board problems solved for just $125 which we sent immediately.  The permits won’t be here for several weeks, but we have the receipts and Shaban will not have to make another expensive trip to Dar Es Salaam.  I knew things would work out as God has never let us down or neglected us, and I’m pretty sure He still loves us.  Now, all we have left is the Tanzanian High Court ruling tomorrow which is going to be in our favor, I am sure.  It doesn’t hurt that the main advisor to one of the two judges is the brother of Bishop Monto.  Monto will stop here in Bunda on his way back tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning to brief me on all that happened and what the future holds for us as a church.  We may not have “United” in our name, but we are united as a church with the bishops, pastors, evangelists, and members all wanting and working for the same thing—the expansion of the Kingdom of God here and helping the poor and unfortunate.  I just pray that the church in the U.S. that does have “United” in its name, can come together and make that name true.  
     While it is certainly true that we have our problems here and they are serious ones that bring death and malnutrition, at least we know what the causes are and are united in our efforts to end malaria and cholera deaths and to increase food production and nutritious meals for the people.  We do it here for the almost 100 children that learn and eat here every day.  We help six other schools to do the same, and our distribution of pretreated mosquito nets and biosand filters to eliminate cholera and dysentery have helped thousands over the years.  We may not be able to save all the starfish but the ones we do manage to throw back into the ocean are all precious—and they smile at us every day.  Lifting up my eyes today, seeing rainbows and persevering—it’s what we have to do to keep on serving God as He called us to serve.  
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