Monday, April 25, 2016

“There’s always stuff to work on. You’re never there.” ― Tiger Woods

     Well, a typical Sunday yesterday in that there was no power and no internet from seven am to seven thirty pm while Tanesco (our national power company) did repair work.  Happily for us, our rebuilt generator did yeoman’s work and kept on humming all day.   Thanks again, Mike Flanagan for the gift of “Lil Mikey” that keeps our lights on and our refrigerator running.  We have workmen here today because we are finally adding a bathroom to John’s office and Karen’s school area.  Both John and Karen have had to come back to the house even in the rain if they needed the bathroom, so we are fixing that problem.  We are putting in a septic tank, running water lines, installing a toilet, and lights, but we don’t have to put in a window which was already there.  John’s office and computer lab had enough space for the bathroom and as his office is right next to Karen’s school, it will be  accessible to both.  John may put in a temporary bed, so when he works late, he can even take a nap if necessary.  If we had been smart, we would have put it in when we built the building, but we have demonstrated over and over that we are not always smart—always dedicated, always ready to serve God, but not always the sharpest knives in the drawer when it comes to common sense.  What did Forrest Gump’s mother say, “Stupid is as stupid does?”  Nuff’ said.  
     Starting work on the pages and pages of paperwork necessary to renew my residence permit which expires late next month.  The new president has everybody jumpy and has instituted new rules and procedures, so we will do the best we can.  We have heard that the cost has dropped but have no confirmation from immigration about that yet.  I will need six pictures, a letter from Bishop Monto, and lots of other stuff.  Interestingly, the fees have to be paid in American currency even if you’re Australian, and since we don’t have any, we will have to buy American money from the bank—which may take two weeks.  When you think of immigration here, just think of the DMV wherever you are and imagine you are in the longest line and don’t have the proper paperwork and get the DMV employee who has never and will never get the employee of the month award.  It’s worse than that even, but I have a friend in France who says the French have the worst system in the world, and I should be lucky it was the British who ruled here before independence and not the French.  
     I walked unaided yesterday three times for about thirty to forty steps each time.  It was too much for one day, but I was on a roll and just kept showing off.  I couldn’t do any steps without my cool new ankle brace from Bioskin, but I do have it and it works.  I wear it almost twenty hours a day, and there is no swelling left at all, but torn ligaments take forever to heal and there is pain when I put weight on it, so maybe by June I might be walking again.  Considering I was almost dead in January, that’s a pretty good outcome thanks to maybe a million prayers from folks to whom God listens when they pray.  I have some atheist friends who prayed for me because they figured if God got their prayers, He would have to do something just to show them.  Karen is finishing up seven wooden panels with metal inserts for using magnetic letters to go to each of our schools to accompany the book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” (you’ll just have to Google it).  She is painting them to match the cover of the book and they are fantastic.  In spite of her pain, if she wants to do something to help children learn, nothing can stop her.  One of the reasons I love her so much.  That’s all the news for now.  Do come visit.

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