Saturday, March 19, 2016

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

John is flying to Dar Es Salaam today to work for a luxury hotel there for a week.  He gets free airfare, a free luxury suite, and free food.  He also gets money to help finance his solar projects for the poor, so everybody wins.  Our new president, Rais Magafuli (Rais is not his first name, it means president), has ordered the courts to clear their dockets in three months beginning with the oldest and most serious cases.  That means that our case got pushed to June 27th but not before the judges got Leopold to admit he’s not a bishop but does claim to be a trustee.  McKenna didn’t show, but after the judge released our folks, Leopold asked if he could withdraw the case and just negotiate.  He was told, “Too late!”  He knows the judgement is going against him and admitted that the Kenya Methodist Church is no longer sending him money.  Well, we know which shadow he casts.  Edina is still not working but seems to be stable for the present.  Karen is taking good care of me, and I continue to exercise, lose weight (very slowly), and to improve with my wheelchair use.  I don’t let anyone push me, so I am building up my upper body strength just wheeling myself around, although both John and Karen want to put a bell on the chair because I surprise them when they are not expecting me.  When I was using my walker, everybody could hear me coming because the walker made noise and so did I.  The wheelchair is silent, so I will start beeping when I get near other people.  We know the power will be out all day tomorrow, so we hope we still have internet, but who knows?
Have a wonderful day today and remember to be kind.
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