Thursday, March 24, 2016

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” ― A.A. Milne

Edina insists on coming back to work, but we did get her to agree that as soon as she gets tired, even if it is just after an hour or so, she is to return home to rest.  Most importantly, her smile is back and that is cause for joy.  John is working hard in Dar Es Salaam, but he is coming home on Saturday, and he will be very welcome.  Karen is doing his work here while he is gone which means getting up at dawn and locking up at night which she is doing well and without complaint.  I got the super terrific ankle brace I had been wanting today, but it was too small.  Here, we don’t have the advantage of returning it and getting another the next day, so we will find a tailor who can slightly widen the enclosed toe part and it should work just fine.  This is not a disposable society—when things break, they get repaired—not thrown away.  The internet was out for almost 24 hours because someone cut the fiber optic cable.  Thieves think it is a copper wire and are always disappointed when there is nothing they can sell buried in the ground.  All the users are also disappointed at the loss of internet because of stupid thieves, but what can you do?  Shaban is at his new house at the moment getting a cover on his well after his oldest son almost fell in yesterday.  With a well and a biosand filter, his water needs are set for decades.  I am becoming fairly adept at getting around in a wheel chair and getting in and out of it from a chair or my bed.  I have developed a great respect for those who have to live in them.  It is developing my upper body strength just wheeling myself around.  Hopefully, I will only need it for another month or so, then to my walker (now equipped with tennis balls on the front legs), then to walking unaided again.  In the meantime, baby steps while holding tightly to God’s hands.

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