Friday, February 12, 2016

“You can't help falling down, the trick is to always get back up.” ― Keith McDow

 What do you know, even in the big city of Nairobi, the internet goes down for a day or two.  (turned out to be three followed by a power outage.  This time tomorrow, I'll be getting the staples removed from my chest.  (Staples are now removed.) We are getting close to having enough money to fly home next week, once I learn to climb stairs so that I can board the plane. (I know how now and we will be on the plane next Tuesday). I want to really thank Roger and Jenay Price for their beautiful tribute in their Facebook post yesterday.  Haven't seen them in many years, but they haven't forgotten us as we have not forgotten them.  It is good to be reminded how many friends we truly have.  My physical terrorist (I used the right word) will be here this afternoon for exercises and stair climbing practice.  He is very good, patient, thorough, and I always end up doing more than I thought I could.  I think God is that way with all of us if we will just let Him.  I can stand up by myself and walk for up to thirty feet with a walker.  After being bedridden for over a month, I also need to be sitting up most of the day.  My blood pressure has actually gotten better, but that may be due to the fact that when they checked my defibrillator, the screen read EOL, October 18th.  I asked what EOL meant, and they said, "End Of Life."  Pretty clear, that message.  My new device is the best one out there and I now have two wires running down into my heart.  Another good five to eight years of service to God and His children.  I don't mind the pain or work, just want to get back to the vineyard.  I was raised to repay all my debts, but you guys have given me debts I can never repay, but will be eternally grateful.  God bless you all from the bottom of my heart (with two wires in it).
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