Sunday, January 31, 2016

Update on Charles

First thanks to everyone for their prayers, help, and gifts for every member of my family.  I was dead and did not know it. My device had actually died in October. We didn't discover this until the night we arrived here in Nairobi. The doctor here was insistent that we replace it immediately. They said that I need it more now than the first one I had put in. The first available operating slot was four days later.  During those four days, I was tested for almost everything. My ankle was not broken but badly sprained and I could not walk. The first time I stood up after 27 days, was the third day I was here.

I have since had the surgery, everything went well and I have the best device available. I am now in the hands of a wonderful physical therapist and as soon as I can walk on my own, I can go back home.
So now as ever I am in the hands of a loving God but don't stop praying.  I am dictating this to my wife, Karen while I am under drugs.  Any mistakes are mine. This is something we could never have done without the help of Daniel and Steffi Kroppach just to name two.  I love you all.

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