Friday, December 18, 2015

“Just like there's always time for pain, there's always time for healing.” ― Jennifer Brown

My head is healing and the stitches are gone.  How long it will take for all the hair to grow back is anybody’s guess, but I’m glad that what I thought was a little bump and turned out to be a rather large skin cancer is gone and healing is taking place.  Juliana has showed up on time every day and is quietly doing all the jobs on her job description.  We are writing job descriptions for everyone working here and will be having them all sign in when they arrive and when they leave.  Today is payday and since Rachel is doing all the work in the house now (Juliana wasn’t doing all that much) and is doing it really well, we gave her a significant raise.  When she got her money, she asked God to bless me, almost kissed me, and has been smiling ever since.  We so often forget that a single mother raising two small children and caring for a retired father (former pastor of an Africa Inland Church) needs more money than we can pay her and is thrilled to have money for Christmas dinner.  Since she also comes for three hours every Sunday afternoon (for which she gets a full day’s pay) her income has doubled.  She is such a wonderful woman.  When she takes her breaks in the morning and afternoon, she spends them reading her Bible.  We know that nothing lasts forever, but we sure hope she stays with us for a long time.  She watches ever time John cooks and can almost instantly recreate it.  My hair was a truly matted mess after two weeks without being able to be washed or brushed, and she volunteered to untangle it after Karen had given up and was hunting for scissors.  Rachel did a fantastic job, slowly, carefully, and without causing pain or needing scissors.  What a treasure.  Today if Charlini’s birthday and Karen and John are planning to take her to a local restaurant for pizza and to give her a book as a gift.  Juliana has agreed, so we will see if this pans out, but I pray that it does.  Karen has been meeting with her teachers and cleaning out closets and fumigating to get rid of termites.  How she does this in spite of her pain amazes and inspires me, not to mention making me feel a little guilty for complaining about my little aches and pains.  John is still fixing bugs in the solar system units, many of which were the result of bad equipment shipped from China, but the manufacturer has agreed to replace all defective equipment for free, so there is hope there.  We are still getting rain every day, but surely that cannot be because of global warming, global storming, or global stupidity.   Every scientist who talks about this says that those least able to deal with the results will be the ones who suffer the most.  Sure seems like that from where we live.  I do hope you played the video I added at the bottom of the blog yesterday.  If not, I am adding it again today.  It is well worth five minutes of your time if not your very future.  Just click on the picture.

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