Sunday, December 6, 2015

“If you're betrayed, release disappointment at once. By that way, the bitterness has no time to take root.” ― Toba Beta

Sad news but tinged with a glow of hope.  We have known for some time that Juliana, who has been with us for ten years, has been slipping into dementia as well as losing her sight.  We hired someone else to do most of the work, so all she had to do was clean one room and cook dinner.  We had planned to let her go a year ago but, because of Charlini, I just couldn’t to it.  Yesterday, after first agreeing to let Charlini go to boarding school, she told us that she would never let her go and that we were bad people.  We know that she has been abusing Charlini at home, so we were crushed.  She then said she would be suing us for some crazy things that Shaban and none of the other workers understood.  So, we we had to terminate her employment.  We will give her three months severance pay and she has over a million shillings in Social Security that we will happily sign the papers for her to receive.  We hired Rachel knowing that Juliana would be going—so this was no surprise to Rachel as we had prepared her for this, nor was it a surprise to any of our other workers.  They all said Juliana has been going crazy and saying very bad things about me, Karen, and John to anyone who would listen.  We have paid all of Charlini’s schooling, paid for her expensive formula as a baby for three years, and even paid the school fees for Juliana’s other children until one dropped out to become a prostitute and the other to become a drug dealer.  Juliana came to me to ask if I would pay the tuition to a vocational school (about $400), so he could learn a trade and get out of drug dealing.  I agreed, paid the money, and two weeks into the term, he was arrested for dealing drugs to the other students.  She has been stealing small sums from us for some time, but I just didn’t have the heart to follow through with police action because of Charlini.  Now, though, we hope it does go to court and the court can hear from us, our other workers, our neighbors, and the schools about how much we have helped Charlini.  If the court decides that she should not be caring for Charlini, we won’t get her, but she should be given to Juliana’s brother-in-law, an Anglican priest whose schooling we helped pay.  He is a good man and will allow us to put her in a boarding school.  So, in spite of a day that sent my blood pressure through the roof, things should work out the way we want, just not when or how we wanted (sound familiar to any of you?).  We will continue to pay for her school at the Catholic Church and will also pay for after school tutoring to keep her away from home for as long as possible and to help her with her education.  You can want to do the right thing, the good thing, and be betrayed by someone you have loved for a long time, but this is not new news.  I seem to remember a man named Judas.  We will press on as we always have, and have high hopes we can ultimately get Charlini into a good boarding school.  Maybe not in January like we planned, but hopefully by next July.  Keep us, Charlini, and Juliana in your prayers.  Shaban said in all his years he had never seen anything like the explosion that came from Juliana today.  He just kept shaking his head and saying, “kicha” which means crazy.  The other workers were not as kind and used the word for “stupid.”  We still want the best for her and will do what we can in spite of her attitude toward us.  WWJD is our motto here—it ought to be yours, too.
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