Saturday, November 7, 2015

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching” ― Gerard Way

Sissie is doing a little better today.  The vet gave her another antibiotic injection last night and was pleased with her progress.  She is eating and drinking a little and will limp around a little but still prefers to lie down near Karen most of all.  The vet will come back again tonight for her last injection, but she should be fine—it will just take time.  On another note, the Chief of Immigration and a new officer came by yesterday.  They have to personally visit each non-citizen in their area at least twice a year.  They also seem to have lost Karen’s paperwork, but we had the receipt for the fees we paid and also had John’s and my permits on hand to show them.  Mine expires next May and John’s next June, so we are good for a while.  The price for missionaries has dropped from $550 per person to $250 per person which was good news.  The permits are only good for two years, so Karen is on her sixth one and John will be on his fifth next year, and I will be on my sixth.  For some reason, the last time we did them, they gave me three years instead of two, but I didn’t complain.  Now, at least, we don’t have two expiring on the same day every two years, and with the lower cost, it will be much better.  The immigration officers left smiling and happy which is always a good thing.  The new officer has only been here two months, and didn’t have a watch, so I gave him one of the last three give-aways I had in my office.  It was a Timex, but a good one, and he was very pleased.  A man in Dublin, Ireland, sent me a bag full of give-aways that he mailed in early June and got here in late October, but it got here.  It had twelve watches in it and now only two are left.  I love seeing the smiles of those who get them.  I also gave Edina money for a pair of new shoes, and she was delighted and brought them for us to see the next day, but they are only for church.  I had to buy Francis a new phone because in the middle of the Sissie vs the four German shepherds dog fight, one of the dogs bit his phone in half (there’s a lesson for you).  He came in yesterday to show me the new phone which was much better than the one he had bitten in two.  It was only right to replace his phone and I didn’t spend more than $75 on it, but you would have thought I had bought him a new car.  I wish everyone could see how much joy tiny gifts can bring to the those who live in poverty.  I suspect it is the same wherever you are, but you’ll never know the fun of seeing that joy unless you initiate a small act of kindness that will do so very much for both you and the recipient.  I’m a little teary as I write this because I am listening to Josh Groban and the African Children’s Choir singing “You Raise Me Up.”  Always an inspiring song, but with the voices of those African kids added, it just gets to me.  Do something kind for someone else today whether you know them or not.  The world is always a better place every time another flower blooms.
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