Tuesday, November 17, 2015

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ― Aesop

Sometimes I listen to the little devil sitting on my other shoulder saying, “Go ahead, do it!”  So I did.  I was the pastor of a church in a small town, so I changed the church sign to read, “Karen Wiggins has a birthday coming on June 2nd, and all I can say is:  LORDY, LORDY, KAREN’S FORTY!”  I then put it in the bulletin for that coming Sunday’s service.  Then I printed about fifty small posters on colored paper that said the same thing and put them in store windows up and down Main Street.  I also paid for an ad in the local paper that said the same thing.  A friend who was a realtor put the words on some of his “For Sale” signs and we stuck them in yards of people who didn’t mind.  What greater gift can you give the one you love than to make sure everyone knows her birthday is coming, and it’s a big one?  I figured I was really showing her just how much I really loved her.  The church members and townspeople weren’t so thrilled with my actions.  I got calls (this was before emails and Facebook) and was accosted on the street and dressed down for my actions.  During church that Sunday, a church member stood up and told Karen that they did not approve of my actions but were standing by her and told her that forty was not old by any means.  Many others sent her cards that told her how forty was not the end of the world but just the beginning.  How did Karen react?  She loved me, hugged me and kissed me for giving her the best birthday she ever had.  You see, it wasn’t her fortieth birthday, it was her fiftieth.  I gave her ten years back, and she was very grateful.  She still doesn’t look her age and people here don’t believe she is over seventy—or sixty if you subtract those ten years I gave her on her fiftieth.
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