Friday, November 6, 2015

“I don’t care what Bear Bryant said, sometimes it is definitely the size of the dog in the fight.” ― Me

Sissie, the dog Karen is holding in the picture at the right thinks that she is really a lion.  She barks at the big dogs to warn them of her ferocity, so we had quite a scare yesterday, and it is not yet over.  Somehow, Sissie, the little Tibetan Terrier that Karen has bonded with like a baby—loves her so very much, anyway, Sissie managed to get out of her little safe yard and attacked the four German shepherds.  That’s right, she went after them.  Talk about taking a knife to a gun fight.  Needless, to say, she got torn up pretty badly and not a big dog even got a scratch.  Our staff has fallen in love that little dog and two of them and John got in the middle of the dog fight and rescued a bleeding and bitten little dog who turns out was not a lion.  John got a couple of bites and big scratches for his trouble and one worker got his watch bitten and broken.  We have a good vet here who came over after Karen had cleaned as much blood off Sissie as she could and used scissors to cut back the long hair to expose her wounds.  Two big wounds on each side and a smaller one to her leg.  She didn’t need stitches, but she got an antibiotic injection, the vet cleaned the wounds better and sprayed it with an antiseptic anesthetic and will come back tomorrow and the next day to check on her.  She’s not whining and is getting loved almost to death by Karen and John.  Karen thinks it’s her fault for putting her out when she was barking.  John thinks it’s his fault for not making sure she couldn’t get out.  She should be all right in a few days.  Karen has been crying and blaming herself for putting her out for barking.  John blamed himself, too, but neither had anything to do with it.  I had to give each of them a Valium to settle them down.  We have to adjust some of our procedures and get a welder out to fix some of the fence, but we can adjust things to keep this from happening again.  I think Sissie will be fine and half of Bunda is praying for her—even those who don’t think she is really a dog.    Sissie’s wounds are about the size of silver dollars, so not too big but they look bad.  John got a four-inch gash in his arm, and, of course, he loves all of the dogs and they all think of him as their father, so he’s torn.  He had a great meeting yesterday about the future of solar work today in Musoma with a new company, and he is leaving next Tuesday to be flown to Dar Es Salaam for a few days (back on Saturday) to do more work with Raspberry Pi computers with a billionaire who loves him and what he can do.  If you want to Google the Harbor View Hotel, that’s what the guy owns and where he puts up John for free and feeds him while he’s there.  I don’t know what would happen to Karen if that little dog is really hurt, so prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Life is never boring here.
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