Monday, November 23, 2015

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” ― John Wesley

Lots of news here.  Our Canadian missionary friends left this morning for a safari through the Serengeti National Park then off to Ngorongoro Crater and finally to Zanzibar where they will leave to fly back to Canada (Thunder Bay if you know it).  They were a delight to have even if we only saw them at meal times.  I mentioned in the blog the other day that we were working on getting Charlini into a good boarding school but were trying to work out the financing.  A very good friend in Boston has already sent us the money we needed to pay her tuition for the year and offered to help with other stuff if she needs uniforms, bedding, etc. There are still lots and lots of wonderful people in this world and this man is one of the best.  Karen, John, and I have decided to try to officially adopt her as she is an orphan and is not in a good home situation with her grandmother.  Charlini is living with her aunt who is a prostitute and her uncle who is a drug dealer (both are living with their mother who works for us and is taking care of Charlini at night).  It’s pretty hard to adopt if you are taking the child out of the country, but since she will stay right here in Bunda, we have high hopes that this will work and have gotten encouragement from some local officials, so we will see.  I may finally have a daughter.  If we can adopt her, all her holidays from the boarding school will be spent with us, and we will all be happy.  She is always telling me that she loves me, Karen, and John more than anyone else in the world.  Every evening, when she leaves, she stops at the door, turns and says, in English, “I love you.  See you tomorrow.”  Lots of flooding here and Shaban is having to make a cement dam to protect his house today.  This year the “short” rains are very long instead.  We are also getting ready to host about a hundred people for the Methodist Church in Tanzania’s annual conference here starting Friday.  We will keep all the bishops (some from the Tanzania Methodist Church will be here, too) and some of the pastors here at our mission.  Since the Bishop of Arkansas has removed me as a clergy member of the UMC, I will officially become a member and full bishop of the Methodist Church in Tanzania this Sunday.  I was baptized a Methodist (not a United Methodist as that didn’t happen until 1968) and I am still a Methodist and following in John Wesley’s footsteps (see quote above).  In the afternoon, I will have surgery to remove four skin cancers from my face and head.  The excitement never stops.
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