Saturday, October 24, 2015

“There is always a part of my mind that is preparing for the worst, and another part of my mind that believes if I prepare enough for it, the worst won’t happen.” ― Kay Redfield Jamison

I wish I had my good friend Bob Kelly (wrote about him on Thursday) here this week to talk to and laugh with.  Living here for the next five days will not be like our wonderful days in Gravette, Arkansas.  We’ve closed our schools for the next week, the gas tank on our car is full and the car serviced in case we have to race to the border.  We filled all our propane tanks, stocked up on all the the things we can, but sadly we can’t keep a lot of gasoline on the premises (for our generator) so we can only pray that the power is not off for several days.  Usually, the violence keeps the fuel trucks from delivering to the local stations, so we don’t expect to be able to get fuel for at least a week.  Our friends and neighbors (we are the only three white people in a 45 mile radius) have told us to stay inside the house till next Thursday at least.  Elections are on Sunday, tomorrow, and we won’t ask any of the staff to work for the next few days but will pay extra to those who do, so we think we will have enough help to get through this.  Some have already died, one helicopter was blown up with four politicians inside, and there have been clashes between parties that have left some dead, some wounded.  Everybody votes and will stand in line for days.  We don’t expect violence tomorrow but the days immediately following.  As bad as the name-calling and hate and anger I read about in the U.S. elections, the people there don’t have to expect violence and death as a result of the outcome.  Grumbling is not the same as killing those with whom you disagree, so good on ‘ya for not resorting to election-rage.  Keep us in your prayers, we intend to do a fair amount of praying here.  I’ll miss the kids and their laughter most of all.  We have enough food and canned goods to withstand a good old American hurricane (and we were in a hurricane, an earthquake, and several tornado scares when we lived in the States), so we will be all right.  Our neighbors are our best defense right now.  That and keeping our heads down, probably the word “down” should be “bowed” but we should be all right.  Don’t forget those who don’t live in safe places. 
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