Friday, October 16, 2015

“I think Lewis is probably the only superstar in Formula One. For me he is not only the best driver at the moment, but he is also a personality with profile. — Toto Wolff (chief of Mercedes racing)

Most people who know me, know that I have been a fan of Formula One racing since I was a teenager.  My current favorite is Lewis Hamilton of Britain, who has won two world championships and is closing in on a third.  He is the only black driver in the history of Formula One and worked his way up from humble beginnings.  He is young (30), good looking, single, very rich, and loves the playboy lifestyle which is reported on over and over in the media showing him at parties and with famous people, or with his stylish new clothes or hair.  But, like all of us, there is another side of him that most don’t get to see because the media doesn’t see it as flashy or important.  When my wife read what Lewis had written about a little boy who loves him, she wrote “even our heroes have heroes” because Lewis Hamilton thinks of five-year-old Mason as his hero.  The following are Hamilton’s words that he posted himself on Google+ just two days ago.  The picture at the right is of him and his hero, Mason.

“Yesterday, I was visited by one of the most beautiful angels I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Mason, only five years old with a brain tumor has spent most of his life in the hospital.  So many operations, eight to his head and they say there is no more they can do for him.  In the little time we had together today, we played with toy cars and lego.  I cannot begin to express my feelings except to say he is the highlight of my year, truly a blessing to this world and I just ask, if you have a minute, to send a prayer his way.  He's had the everything go against him in his short life, yet his smile is so pure and bright, only full of love. This little boy is my hero, so many kids around the world today suffering like Mason of which only our prayers and positive energy can help.  Today, he filled my heart with all he had and I love him for that.  God Bless you Mason, may God keep His hand over you and your family.  He hugged me before he left, the most powerful hug I've ever felt... Love you little man.”

Just another reason I like Lewis Hamilton--he has a hero who is only five years old.  We all have heroes that we don’t always acknowledge.  If you have one, let him or her know.  It couldn’t hurt, and it could really make his or her day.  I’ve been told once or twice what I had meant to people, and it keeps me going day after aching day.  You will be blessed if you do.
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