Friday, August 14, 2015

“Each time you say hello to a stranger, your heart acknowledges over and over again that we are all family.” ― Suzy Kassem

Many of you know of my love for inexpensive watches and my participation in a watch forum on the internet.  Every day, people from all over the world post pictures of the watch they are wearing that day.  Some also post pictures of their pets, or their background, or the plane they are in, but they never post pictures of themselves or their families.  They don’t use their real names on the forum and many don’t even let you know the country in which they live.  Some do, so I know that some are from France, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Australia, Seoul, and all over the United States.  I love seeing the watches and especially reading about those who write about their lives.  I post a couple of pictures of my watch of the day and then either animal pictures from the Serengeti or pictures of our mission and our work.  I do have my own picture posted and that I live in Bunda, Tanzania.  I also always close urging those reading my posts to be kind to one another—it just seems right.  Over the past several months as people have learned of my diagnosis, several (well, many actually) have posted personal messages to me.  Normally, I would never post things making me look good, but I was urged to share these.  I had no idea that my pictures and quotes were touching people, but I am reprinting here some of the messages they have sent to me: 

one thing is for sure: with all the lives you've touched, your 'family' is a lot larger than you think. all of whom are pulling for you!  (whoops, almost crossed over into sappy, signing off!)  all the best charles!

The world can learn a valuable lesson from you.

your posts and thought for the day have become something that I look forward to every day. 

You are one of the true gentlemen of WUS. I am in NY. PM me if you want to get together for a drink (or a cup of coffee, or a slice of pizza). I will wear my Vostok Europe to match yours!

Just want to say that one of the reasons i visit/post in WRUW is to read your post, sir... Inspirational and entertaining!

Love reading your posts, always full of warmth and kindness. I actually do try to be nicer to people because of your posts. Thank you.

At this point I would also like to say thank you very very much for all the pictures and impressions from Africa you share in the WRUW threads. I really appreciate reading them along with your encouragements to live your life making people happy. Thank you for that!

About a year ago you posted a picture of a young African albino kid that really caught my heart. You know the one and the story. If for no other reason, continue to do the good that you do. And generally broadcast the stories that need to be heard.  Yer a good un (which is Manchester English).

Several of these unknown strangers have sent me watches to give away to the people here (I get to keep one or two) and some have made contributions to our mission (I have never asked for any—these were unsolicited) saying they just wanted to help in some small way.  My point is this, we never know about the ripples in the pond from the tiny pebble that we drop.  Please go out of your way to drop more pebbles, to plant more trees whose shade you will never live to enjoy, and remind people to be kind to each other.  It is what God is calling you to do.

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