Monday, August 31, 2015

“All people [and dogs] want to be safe and feel loved.” ― Bryant McGill

Our Tibetan Terrier, Sissie, has completely transformed our family since she joined it about a year ago.  We have fenced in part of the back yard, so it is just for her and the big dogs can’t bother her.  Karen has made a bed just for her.  Juliana and Rachel have both fallen in love with her and spoil her rotten.  She loves us all with an unconditional love that is hard for us to reciprocate, but we try.  She is truly a gift from God that gave new life, inspiration, joy, and excitement about living to Karen, to John, and to me.  One of her many “too cute for words” mannerisms is that whenever she hears a car or a motorbike entering the compound, she is frightened and needs immediate reassurance and a calming touch.  To achieve this, she seeks me (not Karen) and jumps onto my chest where she can feel my heart beating and where she knows I will pet her until she is calm once more.  The picture at right has been slightly retouched to remove obvious skin cancers from my face and arms, but Sissie is in all her unretouched glory.  This happens even when a car or motorbike is just nearby (like at the neighbors), so if I hear the noise, I head for a chair because she will jump whether I am sitting or standing.  It’s been close on more than one occasion, but she has always been able to find herself surrounded by my loving arms and to feel the warmth of my chest and beating heart beneath her.  We all need that from time to time.  I’m not asking you all to come jump on me, but when we were many years younger, Karen would just suddenly jump off the ground into my arms knowing I would always catch her.  I always did, but she is smart enough not to try it now.  What Sissie doesn’t know is that she is not the only one who feels better by being on my chest and being petted.  It gives me a little glow and the petting lowers my blood pressure (medically proven).  Not everyone likes to be held, but Sissie and I sure do like it.  If you don’t have a dog to hold close to you today, find a human who won’t mind.  You will both feel better, and you can take that to the bank.
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