Friday, July 31, 2015

“I'm just someone who likes cooking and for whom sharing food is a form of expression.” — Maya Angelou

John is a very good cook and has taught our two house worker ladies how to cook many dishes, and he has offered to teach how to cook for restaurants and the home on more than one occasion.  Yesterday, he taught all our female staff (including teachers) how to cook pasta and how to make it with a pasta machine.  They just loved it.  (see picture at the right—clicking on the picture will take you to four more pictures)  They all praised John and said he was a very good teacher and cook.  John’s Swahili is very good, so he is able to explain things while he demonstrates.  The response was so awesome that he is really encouraged and will be teaching again.  Now, he is looking for things that can be cooked with local ingredients that are virtually unknown here.  He is especially looking for inexpensive food with high nutritional value which will be a big help for all the children around here.  At first, the ladies said they couldn’t repeat pasta cooking at home because they didn’t have a machine, but John showed them how to do it using just a knife, and once again, they were wowed.   If John can also teach how to cook for wazungu (non-Africans), those who learn can get jobs in hotels and resorts.  Just this morning, John figured out how to “puff” rice and made rice crispy cereal that Karen had for her breakfast.  This is another of those things that we never thought about doing when we came but just dropped in from the sky and took off.  When we were training to be volunteer missionaries we were taught that three of the best things we could do was to laugh at our mistakes, learn from them, and be open to new things that would come along with God’s urging and nudges.  Most of our projects fall into the latter category and boy have we learned to laugh at our mistakes and learn from them.  After ten years, we are just starting to get a handle on how to do this.  Give us ten more and who knows what will happen.  In the meantime, folks in Bunda will be eating better and with more variety than before.  Not to mention that John loves doing it, so he gets a boost, too.  Not bad.  Thank you, God.
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