Tuesday, July 28, 2015

“I feel sorry for people who don't have dogs. I hear they have to pick up food they drop on the floor.” — John Wiggins

When we started the preschools for orphans at some of our churches, we helped train the teachers, supplied a number of teaching helps and materials for the children, but I really wanted to avoid getting them thinking that we would be buying food for all of them.  Today, however, I got a message that one of the schools lost the man who had been paying for the porridge in the morning.  The man died of malaria, and no one else in the church or village wants to or is able to pay for the food.  That leaves us.  It’s not a lot, just about $30 a month, but we are already paying for the two schools that meet here, and there are six others, so I am going to have to work something out so that someone else can pick up the slack.  I am willing to pay on a temporary basis, but we can’t afford to do all the schools and really want them to take care of themselves.  Ah, the trials and tribulations of missionaries and trying to do the right thing all the time.  We just keep smiling and trying new techniques, modalities, methodologies, and other fun stuff.  Give us another ten years here and we may begin to get a handle on this mission stuff.  Karen, John, and Shaban are in Musoma today.  John has a lot of computer stuff to do, Karen wants to get her hair done and buy a new ironing board and Shaban will be driving them all over so they can get all their stuff done.  At the end of the day, they always stop at Alpha, a food store with lots of stuff Americans are used to eating (like bacon).  Sissie was not happy to discover that Karen wasn’t in the house and tried to escape by climbing over the gate, but Rachel saw her and saved the day.  We’ve got a car carrier for her, but she has yet to get inside it—that will come later.  It’s very windy here during this time of year which means allergies act up and we get a lot of dirt and dust in the house.  We have to clean the fans almost once a week and the floors have to be swept and mopped every day.  Life in the fast lane.  I’ll be spending most of the day filling out the seventeen pages of forms for Karen’s residence permit renewal which has to be filed next week.  That’s all the news from Lake Woebegone today.  May the good Lord take a liking to ya. 
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