Sunday, July 26, 2015

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” — Bill Moyers

Sort of mundane, but it’s a hot, dry, and windy day here. The power was off all day yesterday for planned maintenance they said.  This is supposed to be our winter, but the daytime temperatures have been in the high nineties to over a hundred almost every day.  It does drop to seventy at night, so sleeping is not bad.  Shaban, his wife, and his two sons have been living in some rented rooms sharing a house and bathroom with another family, but this last week, he was able to move to a house with just his own family in it.  His wife is very happy as are both boys who have their own room for the first time in their lives. It’s about a mile from here so not close, but still an easy walk or pikipiki (motorbike) ride.  Shaban has been very happy lately and managed to make the move in one day with some help from his friends.  John’s been working on the solar project almost every day.  Karen built a frame for the mosquito net that looks like something out of “Gone With The Wind” from a big plantation, and it works well, too.  I’ll take a picture later in the week.  Next week we are focusing on getting all the paperwork, photos, and American currency ($550.00) together to submit for Karen’s sixth residence permit (they are good for two years).  She is also working on her book “Everybody Counts” and may be able to get it published through Kickstarter.  She’s pretty excited about that.  Me, I’m just sitting at my desk watching the wind whip the trees and tall, brown grass around and wishing my feet, blood pressure, and prostate problems would let me go to church.  As it is, I cannot stand for more than five minutes or sit for more than about forty-five minutes without having to make a trip to the euphemism.  I also have to stay calm, cool, and collected to keep my blood pressure down.  Had to quit watching an action movie the other night because I was getting too worked up over it.  We have a portable, electronic blood pressure machine that also measures pulse rate and keeps a record of the numbers for two weeks at a time, so the doctor can check back.  So far, he is okay with the numbers although they are higher than normal but in the minimal risk hypertension area, so I just have to get used to a little different lifestyle.  I see the people recovering from the loss of limbs and count myself very lucky indeed.  I can and do still serve God and His church and can still run the mission and supervise its projects, so I am humble and grateful that that is still possible.  I’ll never be twenty, thin, and in great shape again, but who cares?  I was once and have many terrific memories which make me smile from time to time.   I am living the life I want to live, and there are a whole lot of people who can’t say that, so, on the whole, I am happy to be here in Bunda.  I hope you are happy where you are and that you are serving God as best you can with what you have.  God bless from Bunda.
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