Friday, June 19, 2015

“There is no such thing as a person who is not important to God and to the world.” ― Me

As long as we have power and internet (illness notwithstanding), there will be a blog.  They are not written only if many people read them, only one reader is a quorum.  Christ Himself told us that "wherever two or three are gathered in My name, then I am there also".  Well, I count myself as one, so if there is one other reader—then we have the two or three that Christ talked about.  I don’t know which one of you is the important one every day.  It changes, I am sure, but it’s not for me to judge.  My call is to write the blog, not to count the readers and decide whether or not it is worth it.  A young pastor, in his first little rural church, made it through deep snow to the little church his first Sunday morning.  He had rigorously prepared and was more than willing and able.  Unfortunately, because of the bad weather, only the farmer that lived within walking distance of the little church showed up.  The new pastor was a bit disappointed, but he was prepared and ready to go, so he proceeded to go through the entire service and even preached a forty-five minute sermon.  The pastor and the lone parishioner sang the hymns acapella and the farmer dutifully responded when the liturgy required him to say something.  After the service was over, the pastor, with a wide smile, walked up to his new congregant and asked what he thought of the service.  The farmer thought for a minute or two and then told the young pastor that once when he filled up his truck with enough hay to feed his entire herd of cows, but upon arriving at the feeding place only one cow came to eat.  He then looked the young pastor in the eye and without smiling said, “If only one cow comes to eat, I don’t dump the whole load.”  Then he turned and walked back out into the snow leaving the pastor with a confused expression on his face.  Well, no matter whether there are two hundred reading the blog or only one, I am dumping the whole load.  You are that important, and God does not tell me which one of you needs the blog that day.  We live in uncertain times, people have cancer, lose their jobs, get divorces, have children move out (or move back in), need more money than they have, have so much money they are tempted to turn their backs on God, or a million other things that make this world what it is.  You never know what struggles another is facing, so being kind to everyone is a definite must.  You have been kind to me on so many occasions, and we wouldn’t be here, or be able to continue our ministry without you, so you can count on the “whole load” blog always being there, remembering that we are in a developing country with power and internet problems.  Remembering also that I sometimes get sick, although not very often.  Thank you for your prayers, I’m feeling pretty good and today recorded my lowest and most normal blood pressure reading since the attack.  God bless you for caring about us, workers in a distant vineyard.  Your love keeps us going, if just one of you needs the blog every day, then you shall have it—the whole load.
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