Monday, June 8, 2015

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” ― Kahlil Gibran

Saturday morning, we checked out of the beautiful resort we were in and drove back to Bunda, but every bump made Karen’s back hurt worse, and, by the time we made it home around noon, she was in a lot of pain.  She went to bed, and I had lunch.  I bit into something that caused a severe and sharp pain in one of my teeth, so I called Shaban and he called his dentist friend in Musoma, Dr. Vincent, and came right over to rush me to Musoma (about an hour away).  The pain was so bad that for the first time, I got painkiller injected into me.  Dr. Vincent, who has studied in Europe, knew exactly what it was, how to fix it, and that the pain was coming from an infection.  After an hour and a half in a very uncomfortable chair, he would only take $30 for working on his day off, and Shaban and I were headed back to Bunda, although as soon as the painkiller wore off, the terrible pain was back.  We returned to find that Karen was in so much pain, we called Dr. Chris, who was in Mwanza but returning Saturday night.  We also had a visitor, Samantha Archer, our Australian friend sent over a cake she had baked for our anniversary.  Sadly, Dr. Chris had patients backed up for Sunday morning but would be able to come see Karen Sunday afternoon.  My pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep, but after the fourth dose of antibiotics at noon on Sunday, an hour later the pain was just gone—at least my pain was gone.  After going without sleep, I immediately crashed (that’s an old seventies term for falling asleep quickly) only to be awoken an hour later to meet with Bishops Monto and Festo.  The Tanzanian High Court will render its ruling on June 26, so Bishop Monto will go down to Mwanza on June 22nd after coming by here to get money for transportation, accommodations, and a partial payment for the attorney.  Bishop Festo needed money for school fees for one of his sons, so I was able to keep another child in school for another year.  We still need money for 50 more Swahili Bibles (about $500) and another bicycle for a new evangelist ($150) that I will have to ask others for help.  We just can’t seem to stop growing—now over 5,000 members and 31 churches (from four churches with 200 members in 2005).  Growth is good, but it always means we need more Bibles and bicycles.  There will be a training session for bishops, and church leaders next Saturday here, and we will be putting up and feeding nine folks for Saturday night.   Dr. Chris came after they left, gave Karen tests which showed her back pain was because of an infection in another part of her body.  He gave her an injection for the pain, two IV injections of antibiotics, and some follow up medication that’s very strong—just one pill a day, but she is feeling a little better, not in as much pain, and we are happy to know that she will be getting better.  The doctor also reviewed her last month’s blood pressure readings and pronounced her normal, so she doesn’t have to take it every day.  And after all this, I was able to watch the Canadian Grand Prix live from Montreal and watch my guy, Lewis Hamilton, cruise to victory.  Went to bed pain free, happy for the win for Lewis and even happier that Karen was getting treatment and getting better.  Didn’t even find out till this morning that we had the first triple crown winner in 37 years.  We’re still having school here till the end of this week, and our four pastors in Arusha will be graduating in July.  Life can be good, God is good—all the time, but sometimes we can be in a bit of pain, but I don’t for one minute doubt that God provided my Saturday dentist and Karen’s Sunday house call by Dr. Chris.  God takes care of His servants, and we are blessed to be able to serve.
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