Friday, June 12, 2015

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” ― John Joseph Powell

Yesterday, I forgot that the doctor told me to space out my medication as each was once a day, and I took them all at the same time in the morning.  What followed was a twelve-hour migraine—the worst I have ever had.  Spent the day in the dark in bed with no relief in sight.  I get these about once a week but they never last for more than four hours or so.  This morning I awoke with clear and headache-free head, and the world just looked wonderful.  Rereading what people had written to me made me feel humble, warm, and determined to continue our work here.  I am also on an internet watch forum with people from all over the world who collect cheap watches, and most of us keep up with each other as we have been posting to this daily for several years now.  One man who always writes about his daily life in England in a very entertaining way is one of my favorites.  When he heard about my troubles, this is what he posted today:
      “Good morning.  I find that I look forward to getting an update from Tanzania on a daily basis, Internet availability in that area willing. That news often takes precedent over the Krapp that the BBC decide to feed me every day. I'm sorry to hear of your illness, Bishop and just thankful that the skilled people in your area were there to act promptly and professionally to deal with the problem.  I'm not a Praying type of person and have little time for the established Church but, I can recognize Good people when I see them. Please accept my best wishes for your continued Health and kind acts. We all appreciate them.”
    Needless to say, this lifted my spirits quite a bit.  Another Brit who is a retired missionary from here also wrote:  “This is just typical!  I have been reading and praying with your blog EVERY day for months. Then we take a day off and go to see the "Mary Rose" in Portsmouth.  I miss the blog until today.
Hang in there, keep taking the tablets, try to lose some weight?  Tanzania still needs you and I certainly do.  God bless you and yours.”
     Again, as someone who appreciates hugs, this was like getting hugged from several continents away and has made me feel very blessed.  This is really not about me, though.  If a few words of support and encouragement can make me feel so good, the same thing can make anyone in your life also feel “hugged from afar,” so I encourage you to send a Facebook message, email, Tweet, ecard, or whatever form you choose to let someone else who is struggling know that they do not stand alone but have your love and support.  This has prompted me to write almost fifty messages to people who are important in my life.  It only took me about an hour, but you can’t put a price on how good you can make others feel with just a few words.  God puts rainbows in the sky, but like the quote to the right, you can put a rainbow in someone else’s cloud with almost no effort at all.  Share God’s love through an electronic hug or two today.  It will bless you as well.
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