Wednesday, June 3, 2015

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ― Helen Keller

As usual here, Juliana missed Monday to go to a funeral in Musoma for the mother who died leaving a two-month-old baby.  Edina was out for two days with malaria.  Bishop Festo needed money to transport his father who is 83 (almost unheard of here) to the Bugando Hospital in Mwanza and was able to get him admitted with stomach problems.  Francis, one of our workers, had to have money to travel for a family funeral on his day off (Monday) but was back for Karen’s birthday.  The power and internet were out almost all of Tuesday, so Karen didn’t get to see most of her internet birthday messages till early this morning, but she has responded to almost every one, and there were quite a lot.  Samantha Archer and her five children came over to visit and bring Karen a birthday cake that Samantha baked and iced for her.  Sam is such a wonderful mother and friend that she always blows us away with her kindness and caring while raising five children under 12 years of age.  We are in awe of her Christian witness, service, and mission work.  She and her family are flying back to Australia for a six-month furlough in a few weeks and will be able to celebrate almost every birthday in their family while they are in their home country.  If you ever think that a long flight is a hassle, try doing it a s a family of seven with the youngest not yet three for a 20-hour flight.  Again, awesome family.  We did loan them “The Gods Must Be Crazy” because their kids have never seen it.  It’s a classic for any missionary and just darn funny for everyone else.  It came out in 1980, and we have seen it many times and will again.  Samantha brought John some bacon for helping them with their internet (told you she was nice).  We leave tomorrow morning to go to our resort hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria in Mwanza for two days.  Karen’s back is hurting her, but they have a place for a massage and a very nice pool, so I hope that will help her.  I know that getting away for a couple of days to celebrate what is called here a “Jubilee Day” because so many die young, very few couples make it to their fiftieth.  Come to think of it, very few couples make it to fifty in the U.S., too.  Thanks to everyone who wished Karen well, keep her in your prayers.
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