Monday, June 15, 2015

“I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much.” ― Mother Teresa

Someone forgot to tell God that the rainy season ends in mid May.  We are still having torrential rains almost every day.  The farmers love the additional rain and will get at least one extra crop out of it.  I can see the corn growing from my office window, and it looks green and strong.  John has been waiting and waiting to make beef jerky, but he needs two full days of sun (12 hours a day here) to dry it, so he checked the weather forecast, saw two full days of sun for Monday and Tuesday, and today, before dawn, he was out hanging his strips of marinated beef on a wire run to keep the dogs from thinking the meat strips were treats for them.  He has to bring the meat in every night before the dogs go out or they will eat every bit of it.  He does this twice a year, and it is fantastic (well, the two pieces I get are always fantastic).  He does do all the work, so he should get all the joy.  He and Shaban are off to Musoma today to work on some solar projects as there is a woman here from California with connections for solar things.  Our schools are out for a month-long break, and we miss hearing their laughter and singing.  I also worry about what they are getting to eat without the meals we supply, but we can’t do everything, sigh.  I am monitoring my blood pressure every two hours, and it has stayed normal for almost a week now.  One of the medications was giving me twelve-hour migraines (four in a row) before we figured it out and took me off that particular medication.  I’ve been headache free for three days now which has been wonderful.  My particular problem is progressive, but I should have five to seven good years before things get a little iffy.  I’ve faced worse odds before (I was given two years to live in 1977), so I’m not particularly worried.  Especially since it seems I have a certain amount of work here to do and only God knows when I’ll be done.  I have no problem putting things in His hands.  He never abandons me when the times of trial come and always finds a way to get me through them.  He’s batting a thousand in my book, so relying on Him is a no-brainer.  Thank you for all your prayers and please don’t stop.  He hears them all, each and every one, and they are all special and important—to Him and to me.
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