Wednesday, June 17, 2015

“Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.” ― Jane Goodall

When I started writing this blog many years ago, about fifty people a day read it.  Then there was a time when four hundred to five hundred people a day read it, but that has dropped to less than fifty now.  If the blog was a television show it would be cancelled, but the important thing is not about how popular it is.  It is about making sure that what we are doing here, what is happening to us, what we are thinking about, what our plans are, what our dreams are, and often, what we think is important is written down, every day if possible.  I once thought that only huge congregations were worth the effort to write and deliver great sermons, but I was wrong, and I was ignoring the lesson that Christ taught in the New Testament.  One of the most famous verses in the whole Bible is John 3: 16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  What I forgot was that Jesus did not say this to a great crowd, but to only one man, a pharisee who came to see Him by night so as not to be seen by others.  This verse, the great truth of Christianity, was considered important enough to be given to a single person because that single person needed to hear it.  I learned long ago that as a pastor you never know which member of the congregation needed that particular sermon that particular Sunday.  It is never about numbers, it is about obedience to God and providing what God knows is needed for whatever person is the important one on that particular day.  I remember telling a funny story about a woman who worked as a cashier at a local supermarket and everyone laughed, except one man who began to quietly sob.  It was a true story, and after church I learned that the woman in the story I told was the recently deceased mother of the man who began to sob.  He told me he cried because the story summed her up so well, how kind and funny she was.  No matter how many forgot that Sunday’s sermon within hours, it would live forever in the heart of that woman’s son.  All Christian denominations baptize and all with water, but not one single denomination believes that the power is in the water.  All churches have preachers who preach but the power is not in the preacher, it is sent by God for the ones He knows need to hear it.  So I will keep writing about the seemingly trivial and the things I think are very important, never knowing exactly how God is using my writing, only knowing that my writing is not for me, but for Him.  I am writing this around six in the morning watching the sun come up once again from the direction of the Serengeti and bringing its warmth and light for twelve hours to our little part of God’s earth.  We may get a package today, and we have discovered an insurance program for our staff.  We pay just $5.00 USD a year and each one gets a card that will pay for their hospital, clinic, and medication needs.  We have been paying this for them, so this will save us a bunch of money we can put to better use.  We had to have a photographer come out and take pictures of each one for the cards but that was just $2.00 each, so a real deal all the way around and they are very happy.  Seeing their smiles was worth every penny.  Some things are just priceless because they are really blessings from God.  Karen, John, and I are truly blessed, but always in need of your prayers, as are all missionaries.
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