Wednesday, June 24, 2015

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” ― Bruce Lee

The government is registering voters in Bunda this week only, so all of our staff have to take a whole day off to stand in line and sign up.  They are going two at a time, so we don’t have everyone gone on the same day.  Francis just came back after four days off for the funeral of his younger brother (died of malaria).  Edina came back Monday after being gone for a week for the funeral of her mother who died of old age (rare here).  Bishop Festo’s father is coming home from the hospital in Mwanza today, so I paid for their bus fare and hospital bills.  His father once called my Swahili “charming” so I had to help him.  Bishop Monto is in Mwanza for the ruling of the Tanzania High Court which will be handed down late this afternoon (and to make a partial payment to our attorney).  Karen is working on her counting book called “Everyone Counts” based on many different languages with pictures and spoken counting in that language on every page.  It’s quite a task, but she will keep going until it’s done.  She has all the pictures, all the languages, but is still working on a page in Braille and another where ten different children are signing the numbers for the deaf.  This afternoon she has the Archer children coming over along with several local kids to do the signing photographs.  She is just unstoppable when gets her teeth into a project, especially one that will help lots and lots of children.  John is working on a solar project that will provide enough power for several lights, a radio, and phone charging for remote villages.  They are not quite ready for sale, but 70 people showed up Monday to buy them.  He is going back to Musoma tomorrow to try to get this thing finished.  It will be a big deal for those out in the bush.  The people pay a down payment and then pay so much a week till the bill is paid which is allowing many, many more to buy the units.  Me, I just hang around the house trying to keep my blood pressure low and writing a blog every day, plus running the mission, paying all the staff, and paying all the bills.  Not glamorous, but necessary.  All in the service of my Lord.
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