Wednesday, May 13, 2015

“I feel like every project I work on is a dream project, so long as I am learning.” ― Simeon Kondev

Almost every day, I read about or see pictures of small children and infants that I knew back in Arkansas graduating from high school, college, or getting married.  If you take a little eight years old girl and don’t see her for sixteen years, she becomes a senior in college in what seems like the blink of an eye.  One little girl I really liked when I was a pastor is now in college and may be coming to do an internship here with us.  Time does more than fly by, it sometimes moves at warp speed.  The Tyson chicken project done in conjunction with World Vision International may be sending some people here in July to see about setting up a large chicken production facility and to learn how to make and use biosand filters to give both the chickens and the workers clean, safe drinking water.  Our hope is that a biosand filter production company will spring from this, but we will see.  I also heard again from the man with PCI an NGO (non-governmental organization—we called them non-profits in the States) that works to supply meals to school children is also interested in providing safe water as well—another project with possible major dividends.  Karen is tearing up the ceiling in her room because during the heavy rains, a lot comes right into her room.  Funny how we only notice major leaks during the rainy season and never even think about them during the dry season.  We got a package from the States yesterday and John got some more electronic gizmos to help him invent solar projects for the villages here.  Also included, was several bottles of flea and tick shampoo for small dogs, so Sissie is outside in the sun right now getting warm after her bath.  She loves getting shampooed, so that’s a real blessing and so will not having fleas and ticks getting on her.  We have some really strong stuff we use for the four big dogs, but were afraid it might be too much for her little body.  The Tanzanian High Court is hearing our case this week, so later we hope to report some good news.  We also really want to thank and offer blessings for all those who continue to support us with your prayers, your encouragement, and your financial gifts.  What happens here could not happen without what happens in the hearts of you wonderful people all around the world who carry us and our mission in your hearts.  Thank you and God bless you every one.
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