Sunday, March 29, 2015

“What a difference a day makes.” ― song from my past

Twenty-four hours did make a big difference (see above quote).  Karen’s blood pressure this morning was 162/85 which is just about perfect.  She is feeling much better, ate some scrambled eggs that John fixed for her, watched the Malaysian Grand Prix with me (Formula One) and was sad that Hamilton didn’t win but happy for Ferrari.  She was not in pain, and smiled several times.  We are so happy she is getting better so quickly.  Still not there yet, of course, but seeing her in her chair with Sissie in her lap, holding her iPad and checking her email was a huge (I mean HUGE) relief for me.  Thinking about how close we came to losing her still makes me shudder.  Besides, under no circumstances was I going to let her get to heaven ahead of me, although if she doesn’t get there first and put in a good word for me, I might not make it in.  Still, we (and I mean WE) still have work to do here together and a golden anniversary coming up on June 5th.  You need both bride and groom to celebrate being together for 50 years, so she will just have to put up with me for another few months at the very least.  The doctor called twice today to make sure she was okay.  He is such a good doctor.  Shaban got him out of bed early yesterday morning and they both hurried (rare for Tanzanians) to get medicine and medical instruments over here in a hurry.  He was able to check her blood/oxygen content, temperature, blood pressure, and some other things, all with the latest in medical technology (we gave him the portable blood pressure kit).  He works Monday through Friday in Musoma teaching other doctors while his wife (also a doctor) holds down the fort at their clinic here in Bunda.  He has been offered much more high paying jobs in bigger cities but refuses to abandon this area and its villages because he grew up here and many people helped him through his education.  That kind of dedication and gratitude is rare anywhere and just makes us admire him all the more.  If Karen feels up to it, tomorrow we will go the Serengeti Stop-Over for lunch just inside the National Park.  Karen loves to go there and eat tilapia (so fresh it will have been swimming that very morning) which they cook very well.  John loves their Spaghetti Bolognese, and I like the fried chicken.  We always get the same thing, so they start cooking as soon as they see us drive up.  They make so much spaghetti for John that he brings half of it home for a second meal.  If we go, I will post pictures.  Thank you so very, very much for all of you who prayed, posted on Facebook, sent emails, and lifted not only Karen but John and I as well.  We could not make it here without you guys there and your wonderful support that comes in so many ways.  Thank you.
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