Tuesday, March 31, 2015

“This autumn, as he has done every year, President Carter will be helping to build homes with volunteers, this time in Haiti.” ― “The Guardian” (British Newspaper)

We did make it to the Serengeti Stop-Over yesterday but forgot the camera.  Even had baboons coming close to check us out but no pictures, alas.  The chicken, fish, and spaghetti were wonderful, as usual.  Really needed that little break.  It has rained every day since it began last week and not the hard, driving rain that causes so many problems.  Sadly, it came too late for the farmers whose seeds had already died from lack of water and they cannot afford to buy more seeds, so many crops were lost.  The rain will help some, so it won’t be as bad, but there will still be suffering.  The rain also brought the temperatures down to where we are needing blankets during the night and wearing long sleeve shirts during the day.  Now it is not cold by American standards (or Finnish, or Canadian), but when it gets to 70 degrees fahrenheit here with rain and breezes, it is cold for us.  You can tell it’s cold when we don’t have a single fan running, so it is quieter, too.  As you can see by the picture I have posted at the right, either I have been unknowingly quoting President Carter in many of my posts or he has been reading my posts and is quoting me (without giving me credit).  I suspect he has not been reading my posts and we have just both given voice to what many believe and do.  His quote is my quote is your quote, I hope.  He says what I believe and what I also think is the most important thing you can do if you believe in Christ and all He taught and demonstrated with His life.  Short blog today but I am cold and shivering.  Oh, a friend of Karen’s in Dodoma, Tanzania, is shipping her seven boxes of books today which is a real joy.  We didn’t have the money to send her for shipping, so Shaban took it out of his pocket so Karen could get the books quickly.  We will pay him back on Thursday, but it is a really big deal that he is helping us pay for this from what little he has.  God bless him.
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