Saturday, March 28, 2015

“There is no bad time for good news.” ― Stephen King (yes, that Stephen King)

We had a little excitement here today.  Karen accidentally overdosed on the medications prescribed for her—taking too many powerful pills.  We thought we were losing her.  Her blood pressure dropped to 74/35, she turned cold, clammy, and gray.  I actually had to feel for a pulse to see if her heart was beating.  Shaban went to the doctor’s house and brought him here immediately transferring instructions from the doctor to us while he was driving.  The doctor knew what it was at once and put four bags of glucose drip into her by IV (we have a permanent IV hook up over our bed for malaria and other uses).  She perked back up but is still very weak and far from well and healthy.  While the IV bags are all used up, the doctor left the connection in her arm just in case.  All of her tests were negative, so we just have to let her slowly get the medication out of her system, rest, and let her eat whatever she can keep down.  Sissie (Karen’s Tibetan Terrier) was just beside herself.  She was worried, too.  When the doctor left, she jumped up on the bed (a big no no) so she could lick Karen’s hand.  I will have to admit I was scared (pretty sure John was, too), but so thankful to God for Shaban and Doctor Chris who came a running when we called.  Once the doctor had left after the fourth IV bag was done, Shaban drove me to Musoma to have a crown glued back in that had fallen out Thursday night.  It had a big spike in it, so if I had swallowed it, it would have hurt me pretty badly.  We picked up the dentist, a friend of Shaban’s, at his house and drove him to his clinic on the grounds of the regional hospital.  We were calling back to Bunda every twenty minutes or so to check on Karen, but she was okay.  I was in the chair for all of 25 minutes and the cost was just $25, so all in all not a bad deal.  I haven’t been able to eat since it fell out and still have a couple of hours to wait till the glue dries, so I will be ready for my late lunch around three this afternoon.  The doctor will check back in on Karen when he knocks off for the day from his clinic in Bunda but is not really worried now.  A German volunteer died in his clinic last week from cerebral malaria.  The German’s friends had just waited too long before bringing him in.  It was very sad as he was only 25 years old.  Life can get exciting here, even when we are the ones providing said excitement.  I’m ready to watch the Formula One race in Malaysia tomorrow, but will be by Karen’s side for the next couple of days.  We have given her a bell to ring, but I think she is too weak to ring it.  Ah well, someone checks on her every ten minutes or so.  Keep her in your prayers. 
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