Monday, March 30, 2015

“God always gives us a fresh start, it’s called today!” ― Buky Ojelabi

Karen and I both have had close calls—and survived with the help of others.  Every time we have been in real distress, it has been the intervention and help of other people that have saved us, comforted us, and given us a new chance to continue to serve God, perhaps in better ways.  We know these other people were gifts from and guided by God.  This is Holy Week and our thoughts turn to Jesus who has been there for everyone’s close calls.  He who promised us comfort and strength.  He who promised us that death would never be the end but the beginning.  This week reminds us of the betrayal and suffering He underwent, voluntarily, to give us second chances.  Sunday, we will be reminded that He kept His promise and returned to show us the way.  There are none so blind as those who will not see, and none so deaf as those who will not hear.  We can stand on His promises, as He has demonstrated over and over again that in Him we find safety, love, forgiveness, and the strength to do what we must in this life as we serve Him.  School is out, so we don’t hear the laughter and singing of the children with which we usually start our day, but the quiet allows us to hear the singing of the birds and allows us to be still and know that God is God and an awesome one at that.  We may have close calls with our physical safety from time to time, but it is the close call that we have already survived by offering Him our hearts that is the important one.  If you have not invited Him into your heart so that He can live in you and you in Him, then your close call continues.  The risk is great and the risk is real.  You can’t wait, you have to ask for His love and He will give it freely and forever immediately, but you have to ask.  Please do.  No matter what happens to us, our lives will not have been lived in vain because they have been lived for Him through our service to others of His kingdom.  Give your life to Him and He will do wonders with it, wonders beyond your imagination.  We didn’t expect to be in Africa, but here we are.  Wherever you are, now is the time to renew your commitment to Him or to begin a life in His light and love.  Whether it is for the first time, or you want to renew your faith, find a church this week and spend some time with others who have Him in their hearts or who want Him there.  We need each other. 
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