Wednesday, February 18, 2015

“Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.” ― Jack London

There was no blog yesterday, not because there was no internet, but because there was no me.  Shaban and I were making a quick morning run to Musoma to cash a check and buy some bacon, hoping to be back before noon.  Halfway there, the car started heating up and we had to pull over and stop.  There is no AAA here, no ONSTAR, no tow trucks, no help except what we can provide for ourselves.  As it never freezes or gets very hot, so we actually just use water in the radiator which helped us yesterday as Shaban was able to walk to a nearby village and come back with enough water for us to limp into Musoma.  Wanting to get money before we had to fix the radiator we went to the bank—which was closed.  Ah, but I had my ATM card, but all of the ATM machines were broken.  Happily, I had a little lunch money and Shaban had some, so we were able to get the guys started on removing the radiator (see picture at the right).  Now, there are no air-conditioned garages here, Shaban oversaw the guys working while I sat in what little shade I could find—for four hours.  The fundis (mechanics) took pity on us and took what we had on us for pay (about $40) and fixed the two holes in the radiator and filled it with coolant instead of water.  By this time, the ATM machines were fixed and we were able to get some money but not enough to pay our electric bill—had to wait for the ATM in Bunda this morning to get enough to pay TANESCO, but we got that done.  Was able to get some bacon and some skim milk for Karen yesterday (and some frozen shrimp which the cooks call “wadudu” or bugs), so the day wasn’t a total loss (we did fix the car which was good).  Unfortunately, I am extremely sensitive to the sun (multiple surgeries for skin cancer—three of them here) and I was not in enough shade, so I started running a high fever and having chills by the time we got home.  I knew the drill, so wrapped up in blanket in 90 degree weather gulped some Excedrin and was fairly back to normal by nine at night.  We have a saying here “TIA” which means This Is Africa, so we never get too disturbed by things not going the way we had planned.  So, last night, after a very long day for me, I started feeling good around ten at night and John had just downloaded the second half of the Super Bowl for me and I watched it last night.  That was a pretty exciting game, and thanks to John, I got to see the most important half (no commercials though).  
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