Sunday, February 15, 2015

“Just another day in the neighborhood.” — Me

Yesterday, besides being Valentine’s Day (which is not observed here) was a pretty big day for the mission.  Karen had a big meeting with teachers to work on the plans for the upcoming year, and it wore her out, but she does what she needs to do and collapses later.  We also had a Canadian medical missionary who is working at the government hospital in Tabora drive for ten hours just to get one of our biosand filters.  She had been through the training at C.A.W.S.T. in Canada (the people who created these filters) and knew what it could accomplish.  She is promoting it to the hospital as a way for the nurses to have safe water for their tea.  Promoting it for patient health would not have as positive a result.  She posts on Facebook often, and I read all of them as she is doing wonders down there, delivering babies one night with nothing but the flashlight from her cell phone to help her.  We have only known one other single female with her enthusiasm, drive, and compassion, and she was here  as a Peace Corps volunteer our first two years here.  I am truly proud of Adila and her work at the hospital.  I tried to give her the filter, but she insisted that her sponsoring group pay and get a receipt, so she won.  There was also a big church meeting going on at the same time and Bishops Monto and Festo came over after the meeting to bring me up to date.  Bishop Monto is having to go to Dar Es Salaam to reregister our church as the government is requiring all churches to reregister as a means of weeding out some they consider undesirable.  Our students at the seminary in Arusha will be stuck there for a month unless I help as the seminary is closing for a month-long holiday in March, so once again, I will pay $200 to bus them all here and then another $200 to bus them all back again in April.  It’s one of the joys of being an honorary bishop, but I really don’t mind and am so proud of them for staying in seminary and doing the work which is hard.  Bishop Festo also brought his sister whom I hadn’t seen in almost six years as she has been in university and is now in charge of teaching in the rural area near Musoma.  She has a beautiful singing voice and now speaks excellent English.  John has found some donors in the U.S. who are shipping him a number of electronic things (he explained it all to me which is why I am calling them “electronic things”), that will allow him to set up solar teaching modules and other computer assisted learning programs.  It was a lot for Valentine’s Day, but all I did was write a poem for Karen and help Alida with her filter as Shaban is away dealing with some family problems.  Keep us all in your prayers and thank you for all of your spiritual support.
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