Saturday, February 28, 2015

“I will only add, God bless you.” ― Jane Austen

We had visitors from Ireland yesterday and while they were here, Karen had her blood pressure spike and spent the day in the local hospital.  She did not have malaria but was suffering from the effects of high blood pressure.  They prescribed medication for her pain and for the blood pressure, but she reports today that she has seen no change since yesterday, so we can only pray that the medicine will begin to work to ease her pain and lower her blood pressure.  She is resting in bed with her computer which can reach the internet so you can send her greetings, prayers, and funny pictures—it all helps.  We are blessed even when bad things happen.  We were blessed to have a taxi driver to take her to the hospital (John went with her as I was working with our visitors), blessed to have a doctor present, and blessed to be able to get medications we hope will help her.  Of course, I am blessed by having her near me and Sissie is much happier knowing she is at home.  Sissie went crazy worrying about her while she was gone yesterday—that dog really cares about our Karen.  The visitors were just lovely, Tearfund UK volunteers--Paul Singleton and his wife, Alice, from Ireland, a friend of theirs, Claire, also from Ireland, and the AIC (Africa Inland Church) pastor who accompanied them.  Paul is a civil engineer and Alice and Claire both teachers who love children.  They learned a lot about biosand filters and have enough information to begin work on them as a project in a month or two.  It was delightful to have highly motivated, highly educated English speakers here, and, yes, I was able to talk a little about British literature (note the quote above).  They were able to see the preschool in action and toured our mission.  They, like we, simply couldn’t believe how simple the biosand filter is and yet how effective it is.  I believe one of them called it “God’s engineering” which is pretty accurate.  We really liked having them and Sissie spent a fair amount of time in Claire’s lap (Claire didn’t complain).  All four of them are pictured at the right in two pictures top and bottom, I couldn’t seem to get them all into one picture.  We were blessed by their visit, and we hope to see them again.  In the meantime, we will focus on Karen’s recovery and making sure she takes her medication (both of us forget from time to time—sigh, it’s being old that does that).  In the meantime, to quote Jane Austen, “I will only add, God bless you.”
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