Monday, January 26, 2015

“What day is it?" “It's today," squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day," said Pooh.” ― A.A. Milne

Karen and I have started to begin and end each day sitting outside on our back porch just after dawn and just before sunset.  Sissie gets to play, Karen drinks coffee, and I sit and enjoy the singing of the birds.  We have lots and lots of different kinds of birds around here, and they are all very happy in the morning.   As it happens, the main path from a well populated area down the the hill from us runs right past our fence on up to the main road.  Every morning, children come by in their school uniforms and shyly wave and speak.  We speak and wave to everyone who comes by.  Women with loads of what they will sell in the market that day on their heads, some with the cooking equipment and supplies for their little mini restaurant also balanced on their heads.  Men on their way to work in the shambas (little farms) carrying hoes over their shoulders.  Occasionally, an entire herd of cattle will come by going whichever the way the best grazing or the best water is that day.  The dogs are trained to bark at strangers going by, but if Karen and I are sitting out, they remain quiet—unless another dog comes by.  They will let that other dog know in no uncertain terms that he or she is not welcome here and then little Sissie will join in acting very fierce for a dog the size of Piglet.  We also watch as butterflies come to visit the flowers in Karen’s new flower bed near our chairs.  If I sit down, Sissie will simply leap up on my chest, so I hold her on my chest and pet her.  She loves for me to brush her as well, and that has become another daily morning and evening activity (which she loves).  Karen and I like the quiet time before any of our workers arrive and we can talk about world affairs and the latest things we have read on Facebook.  We have uniformed security guards at night and they leave at seven in the morning and turn over the keys to our day guard, so he always comes by to wish us good morning.  In the evenings, we see people walking home after a hard day’s work, and sometimes young families going to visit relatives.  None of the people coming by are ever smiling as they walk, but as soon as we speak and wave, big smiles break out and they are happy to exchange greetings, even if it is just a group of three teenage boys.  We really enjoy these quiet times before workers arrive and after they have left for the day.  It is usually the only time Karen and I have to talk together with no interruptions.  Occasionally, John will join us, but the big dogs see him as their main man and so he usually goes out and plays with them.  Karen brings dog treats out and has taught every single dog to sit for a treat.   Life is made up of moments, and if you can start and end the day with good ones, it makes life a lot more bearable.  We enjoy all of God’s creations, every single day, including each other.
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