Thursday, January 15, 2015

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” ― Helen Keller

We have had so many messages of support and encouragement from clergy, friends, former parishioners, fellow missionaries, family, and others that I thought I would share some of them.  These are just a few of many, but all have lifted our spirits and kept us from feeling alone or like we had done something wrong.  
  • That's just not right!
  • This breaks my heart, Charles. I will continue to serve my Lord, but never again support the UMC. I am passing along your blog. Something needs to be "fixed" within the Arkansas districts. This is a horrible way to treat anyone teaching the word of God.
  • Charles, I am so sorry. We who serve under Bishops carry a heavy burden. You did not change your membership so the Bishop of Arkansas erred by removing you from your relationship with the conference. 
  • I'm very upset about this--
  • When I read this yesterday I was speechless, sad, & angry. We stand with you in prayer. You & Karen are beautiful people with an incredible ministry.
  • This is just not right. I'm truly surprised by the Bishop Gary Mueller's actions.
  • Well there a bunch of us here in NWA [Northwest Arkansas] that are not happy with this.
  • What you're doing transcends labels or titles or groups of any kind. You should not be depressed because God knows what you're doing and that's what matters. And your true reward for now is all the people you help. Keep up your good works for as long as you're able!
  • Charles what in the world is wrong with the Bishop and the System?
  • We serve a God in an upside down kingdom where a demotion is a promotion. I know this from painful personal experience, so I'm not just throwing out a trite statement. It will be AWESOME to see what He does with all of this intensity. Bless you, highly favored of men!
  • Following GOD and His will...more important than following man.
  • What a gracious response you have made considering the peremptory nature of the dismissal from the United Methodist Church. God is above denominations - we are all Christians who believe in Him. May God bless you and yours and the work that you are all doing in His name.
We pray that God judges us for our response to His call and to Christ's commandments here in Tanzania.  We pray for all those who make serious mistakes and never try to rectify them or to make amends, but it happens.  They need our prayers more than most.

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