Thursday, December 18, 2014

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

As you know by now, we never have a “routine” day here, but then, we are never bored.  Shaban and I drove to Musoma today (about a 45 minute drive—used to be over an hour but they paved the road).  We save up things for trips because diesel (at $7.00 a gallon) makes even a brief trip expensive.  We had to cash our monthly check to cover our payroll, electricity, propane, social security, car maintenance, expenses for our school, food for the orphans we feed every day, etc.  We have to do this in Musoma as we have no bank in Bunda.  While there, we also had to pay the NSSF (social security) for our workers, pay the bill for our satellite television (as they had cut it off), buy some electrical things John needed, service the car (oil change and the like—around $130 which is not bad for here), and buy food items we can’t get in Bunda (like sliced cheese and apple cider vinegar).  We looked for but didn’t find any boxed milk or yogurt for Karen.  Since we had to be back by one in the afternoon, we were very busy—or at least Shaban was.  This is how I do a trip to Musoma: when we get there, Shaban drives me to the New Peninsula Hotel where I stay while Shaban gets all the chores done.  I take my Kindle PaperWhite (see previous blog) and read while drinking diet soda and eating fried chicken and french fries.  Now, since it takes about an hour and a half from the time you place your order till you get your food and then at least a half hour to eat, I am tied up for two hours of sitting on a shaded patio across from Lake Victoria being waited upon and reading my latest book.  Karen had asked for an order of fried chicken to go, so add an extra twenty minutes to the time.  By the time I was paying the bill close to two hours later, Shaban came driving up with everything done except the food shopping.  That store was on our way out of town and a nice woman follows you around taking all the stuff you buy and delivering it to the cash register.  I got Shaban a snack to eat and something to drink, purchased what food they had that we needed and hit the road.  By the time we got back, the television was back on and one of our pastors had come by to get the school fees for his sons to continue in high school.  Of course, after a tiring day like this, I was worn out and had to have a nap which is why I am posting this so late.  Yes, some days we have tear gas explosions and gunfire into the night, and some days are less taxing—at least on me.  Karen did enjoy her fried chicken which was a plus.
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