Saturday, December 27, 2014

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” — Johnny Depp

We got Sissie, our two-year-old Tibetan Terrier when she was two years old, a little over two months ago when her previous owners, some Norwegian missionaries went back to Norway (see top picture at right).  Sissie took over the household and became Karen’s dog (she goes wherever Karen goes and jumps in her lap whenever she feels like it).  This has not been a problem for Karen who pets her, feeds her, brushes her, and loves her as much as Sissie loves Karen.  Our other four dogs are all German shepherd size, so Karen has had fencing put in so that Sissie can have her own back yard the other dogs can’t get in.  Then, Karen started going outside with Sissie every morning to have coffee, feed Sissie an egg, and wait for her to do her business.  Since that means that Karen was sitting outside our bedroom door every morning, Karen decided to redesign that part of the yard.  The first thing was an elevated (five bricks high) flower bed to add some beauty.  Then, she had Francis dig up the roses because they were crowded with weeds.  Now, she has had that whole part of the yard dug up and reseeded.  It is now brick-lined, and will be absolutely beautiful once all the grass grows in.  See the second picture at the right.  The third picture shows what Sissie will look like when her hair grows back out.  We gave her a bone from the ribs we had on Christmas day and she buried it in her yard, but then the yard was completely dug up and reseeded.  Now, she just mourns the loss of her bone because she has no idea what happened to it.  Karen will get another one and will keep it in a box so she will always be able to get to it.  Sissie can jump five feet at least without even trying and jumps from foot stool to chair to lap at will.  When Karen has been gone for an hour or so, like to town, when she comes home, Sissie just goes crazy jumping up and down, dancing, and wagging her tail so hard she moves the air around.  She loves for me to hold her and John, too, but she is Karen’s dog and there is no doubt about that.  What a sudden and wonderful change to our family.  How did God know we needed her or that she needed us?  We are truly blessed by a little dog that was originally bred by 2,000 years ago by Tibetan monks and only given to people as blessings.  All we can say is thank you, God.
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