Saturday, November 22, 2014

“Tomorrow is another day.” ― Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With The Wind”

What a difference a day makes.  It turns out that our Tanzanian bank was recently bought by Barclays, a big international bank.  When someone at Barclays heard about my problem, they immediately sent a cashiers check by courier to my bank in Musoma as well as electronically transferring the funds.  The courier check was back up in case there was a problem with the computers.  Shaban is in Musoma this morning getting the money we needed, so I was right not to worry or all your prayers somehow got to Barclays employees.  Either way, thank you and we are going to be all right.  God has never let us down and He came through once more.  I am waiting for a local surgeon reputed to be very, very good to come to my house to examine me and set up surgery to remove the malignancy.  We will negotiate costs as he also wants a puppy from our brood.  I will just have to deal with the pain, but it is so minor compared to the daily pain that so many of the people here live with on a daily basis.  For me, this will be major surgery because my definition of “major” surgery means it is happening to me.  “Minor” surgery is what happens to other people even if it is a heart transplant.  I know that everything will work out because I have tried to get into heaven several times (once actually declared dead by a doctor) but heaven keeps spitting me back out.  It seems that until my work here is finished, I won’t be.  It is also possible that our most important work is yet to be done, and I don’t even know what that is.  God does that.  Doesn’t tell you how important what you are doing is in the grand scheme of things, just that ever little, tiny thing you do in obedience to Him is important.  That works for me.  It really makes it easy knowing that my responsibility is to be obedient and available every day within its circumstances in His service.  I have a friend who always signs his emails “In His Grip” and I know exactly what that means.  Karen has had the staff build her a large, raised flower bed outside our bedroom door so that every morning, she can go out, drink her coffee, watch the new little dog as she does her “business,” and can enjoy the morning sun and soon the many flowers that she is having planted today: blue, purple, pink, and red.  Pictures will follow when it is completed.  In the meantime, we are looking forward to Thanksgiving as we have homemade stuffing, a 16 lb. turkey, cranberry sauce, and all the other stuff that will make it a traditional American family feast.  And with just three of us celebrating, there will be lots of leftovers for more meals to come.  We have so very much to be thankful for, including whoever it was at Barclays bank that came to our rescue.  Thank you for your prayers, and I apologize if yesterday’s blog seemed to be one long whine.  I always struggle with whether or not to tell others what the real problems are or to just shine them on and pretend everything is hunky-dory.  My mother always wanted to know the whole story, but she is no longer with us and perhaps for the rest of you it is just TMI (too much information).  I will try to stay upbeat as much as possible.  After the blog about needing Swahili Bibles, a retired missionary in the UK (thanks Martin) immediately sent us enough money to buy fifteen of them.  We are very grateful and thankful for his caring and generosity.  While we have our ups and downs, the general direction here has always been much more up, and the world we inhabit here is a much better place thanks to our mission.  This is not me saying this, this is what several other church leaders, government officials, and doctors have told us.  One doctor even said we were among the most beloved of all of Bunda’s residents.  Don’t know if that is really true, but it is certainly nice to hear.
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