Sunday, November 23, 2014

“Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” ― C.S. Lewis

We have our money in our hands and can continue our mission, thank you all who prayed, thank you, Lord, and thank you bank employees.  I wasn’t really worried, but I was a just a tad anxious.  Had the surgery this morning to remove the malignancy from my jaw.  See the picture at right.  The doctor promised me I would resemble Paul Newman or Robert Redford when it was all over.  He lied, but he is a truly nice man, one of the real good guys.  When we first came here, there was a Norwegian missionary doctor here, Dr. Lillebo, who removed a tumor from my ankle and a malignant skin cancer from my right hand.  He was a wonderful man as well.  I found out today that he was the inspiration for Doctor Chris (the one who did my surgery) not only to become a doctor but to become the kind of man that Dr. Lillebo was.  Dr. Chris does c-sections for women in trouble at no cost.  He charges nothing for medication, surgery, hospital fees—he pays for everything out of his own pocket.  Women come from as far away as Mwanza to see him.  He is a force for good and a light in a sometimes dark medical world here.  At first he refused to take any money from me, but I insisted I wanted to help with his c-section work so he accepted 100,000 Tsh or about $65.00 U.S.  This is instead of the $1,000 U.S. I would have had to pay in Mwanza.  Of course, in Mwanza I would have had anesthesia and here I didn’t.  However, his little clinic was clean, there were no monkeys coming in and out the windows (there were at one of my operations here in Bunda), and he did an excellent job.  I’m a bleeder, so I ruined one of my shirts, but small price to pay.  I also managed not to scream like a little girl with the pain, so I am proud of the John Wayne part of me that endured the pain.  Karen was with me and was angry with me because I kept talking while he worked on my jaw, but she didn’t know that was my way of dealing with the pain.  I am back home now and taking steroids to reduce inflammation and antibiotics to prevent infection, but other than the residual pain (which is less than when he was cutting), I should be fine to watch the final Formula One race of the season and root for my guy, Lewis Hamilton.  Compared to the way things looked on Thursday, today is a downright celebration.  Thanks for all the prayers but don’t stop, I still need ‘em.  God bless all those who serve others selflessly.
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