Tuesday, November 25, 2014

“Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.” ― Henry Clay

Turns out the cancer was indeed malignant melanoma about the size of half a dime, but Dr. Chris made a four-inch incision and got every bit of it.  It was early on, so no chance that it is going to pose any additional problems.  It is a scientific fact that married men live longer than single men because their wives nag them into seeing a doctor.  Had it not been for Karen, I would probably have waited until it was too late, so thanks for the push, dear.  Sure wish they had stronger pain meds than aspirin, but after the surgery with no anesthesia, I can deal with this.  Karen is doing so much better since Sissie has come into our lives—well her life really.  She has fenced off a part of the backyard accessible by a door from our bedroom, so the dog can go outside with having to deal with the four big dogs.  There is a picture of this on my Facebook post.  Then, see the picture at the right, she had an elevated flower bed constructed so she can sit out every morning, have her coffee, watch Sissie play on the grass, listen to the birds (we have a lot of the happy little devils), look at the flowers, and watch the sun come up over the Serengeti.  Then, she takes Sissie on a walk with a leash (she is one fast little dog and a real jumper) all around the compound.  This gives Karen more exercise on a daily basis than she has had in years.  What a change a cute little dog can make.  In the evening, when Karen is tired and sometimes a little frazzled, Sissie jumps up in her lap and sleeps while Karen pets her, thus calming Karen down.  Karen washes her, brushes her twice a day, and forbids John and I from feeding her from the table.  It’s like she has a toddler to care for.  The other night Sissie jumped up on my side of the bed which I don’t mind, but Karen lifted up, looked at Sissie and Sissie beat a hasty retreat and now I cannot entice her up on the bed.  I couldn’t have asked for anything to make Karen’s life better or to extend it, but that cute little dog (that we did not seek, she dropped into our lap) is a true gift from God.  Karen is in Mwanza today getting her hair done and picking out paint colors.  Did I mention that Karen has decided to repaint the entire inside of the house?  Ah well, we will all benefit from her increased energy.  Not that she is pain free, she still has some very bad days, but Sissie makes them better.  So, we thank the Norwegian missionaries who gave her to us, and we thank God who made the Norwegian missionaries pick us.  Had to be a God thing, don’t you think?  Karen is happier, so John and I are both happy as well.  God is good—all the time.
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